Healthy Start News May 2020

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Director’s Corner When most schools in our county would normally be back from celebrating Spring Break, we seem to find ourselves not really in the mood to celebrate much of anything due to the COVID-19 global crisis. At Laytonville Healthy Start, our doors remain open to serve our community. We have reduced office hours to […]

Laytonville Art Angels Award Local Grants

by Jayma Shields

The Laytonville Angel Fund for the Arts was established by a group of Laytonville community members who organized the First and Second Fridays at Albert’s as a fundraiser to support the arts in Laytonville. Proceeds from the 2018 Second Fridays at Albert’s were awarded to local projects and organizations for the purpose of supporting the […]

Need a Meeting or Event Space?

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Are you looking for a place to hold meetings, have an event or put on an exercise class?  Harwood Hall Community Center may be just the place for you! For your information on price and to check on availability, please call the Healthy Start office at 707-984-8089.

Healthy Start Senior Lunch Receives Support from Laytonville Lions Club

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On Tuesday, November 13, Mac McAlister, Lee Sanders, and Jean Marie Lagourgue of the Laytonville Lions Club presented a donation for the monthly Senior Drop-In luncheon at Healthy Start and Harwood Hall. Pictured: Jean Marie Lagourgue, Jayma Shields Spence, Coordinator of Laytonville Healthy Start Family Resource Center, Mac McAlister, and Lee Sanders, of the Laytonville […]

Farm to Table Dinner for Skate Park Success

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The second annual Fancy Farm to Table Dinner was a night to remember this year, thanks to all the volunteers, donors of local produce and supporters of the Laytonville Skate Park! Delicious aromas and magical feelings permeated the air, as patrons entered the event grounds; painstakingly transformed with hundreds of decorative lights hung from the […]

Accepting Anxiety

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By Jessica Maness, LCSW, Long Valley Health Center A great book could be written on the human experience of anxiety, possibly filled with art, poetry and other metaphors.  It is through this artistic expression that we generally are able to understand more of the experience of others.  Those who struggle with anxiety, and all its […]

Turning Inward

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By Jessica Maness, LCSW, Long Valley Health Center With the ground white and heavy with snow, we have been forced to slow ourselves.  For many of us, this means facing the music.  Staying busy is often a powerful tool of distraction from our inner dialogue, thoughts about ourselves and the world, and emotions that are […]


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By Jessica Maness, LCSW, Long Valley Health Center Frank feels depressed. He has a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning and facing the various tasks at hand.  He finds he is generally on edge and irritable with others, and just cannot seem to concentrate clearly or find a sense of accomplishment.  When […]

More On Mindfulness

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By Jessica Maness, LCSW, Long Valley Health Center Walking on a wooded road last fall, I was quite caught up in thinking about everything but that present moment. Bills needed paying and cleaning needed to be done before the precious weekend ended and the next regular work week began. Suddenly a sound entered my awareness; one […]

Going It Alone

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By Jessica Maness, LCSW, Long Valley Health Center There is a fire in this community, the likes of which is rarely seen. We wild ones came here to be connected with something more, despite the cities with their resources and their access. As a newcomer, I am coming to realize the power that is here. […]