Laytonville Healthy Start’s Drug Free Communities Project is called EPIC – Environmental Prevention Strategies in the Community.  The goals of EPIC are to:

Drug Free Communities Award

Drug Free Communities Award

  • Reduce youth substance abuse of specifically, alcohol, prescription drugs and marijuana abuse
  • Build and sustain Coalition capacity and community collaboration
  • Reduce use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana in the community through Environmental Prevention Strategies*
  • Engage community members to sustain the work that is being done, even after the  Drug Free Communities project is no longer being funded.  If we want Laytonville to be a healthy and safe place, the community has to be on board.

To achieve these goals, a Healthy Start Coalition composed of community members who represent various “sectors” of the community – schools, businesses, community organizations, and individuals – was formed, and a vision and mission for Drug Free Communities Project was defined.

*What are “Environmental Prevention Strategies?”

Environmental Prevention Strategies impact the community “system.”  These strategies:

  • Limit access to substances
  • Reduce the negative consequences associated with substance use, such as Drunk/Drugged Driving crashes, sexual assaults, other risky behavior that impacts not only an individual, but a community
  • Influences rules/regulations (policies) and focus on community norms – does our community really promote substance use?
  • Positive changes lead to the altering of an unhealthy “environment”

Indicators That Substance Abuse is Being Reduced in Laytonville

  • Youth, as indicated by the California Healthy Kids Survey, report that 30-day use of substances and access to substances decreases;
  • As indicated by the Coalition survey to the community conducted during the summer months, the community reports seeing changes;
  • There is a decline in incidences of suspension, expulsions and arrests due to student’s using or bringing substances to school; and
  • We can “take a picture” that our community is more healthy, thanks to Environmental Prevention Strategies that the community accepts.

Printable EPIC_brochure.